IELTS Calculator – Overall Band Score

IELTS Calculator – Overall Band Score Calculator

IELTS Calculator - Overall Band Score

IELTS Calculator – Overall Band Score

There are 4 modules in the IELTS Test: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. The candidate will get the score from 1-9 on each module.
The Overall IELTS Band Score is the average score of the 4 modules. Use this IELTS Calculator to find out your IELTS scores. And you can find out how many correct answers you need get your targeted overall band score.

Enter your Listening module score (out of 9)

Time of Listening Test: 40 minutes
Calculate your Listening score with Listening Band Score Calculator

Enter your Reading module score (out of 9)

Time of Reading Test: 60 minutes
Calculate your Listening score with Reading Band Score Calculator

Enter your Writing module score (out of 9)

Time Writing Test: 60 minutes
Academic and General Training Test are different for Writing Task 1, but Writing Task 2 is the same.

Enter your Speaking module score (out of 9)

Time of Listening Test: 11-14 minutes
Academic and General Training has different test in Speaking Module



How to calculate your own band score?

The best thing to do when you study IELTS is to practice, practice and practice. It’s the golden rule for everything. One thing you can do is to buy an IELTS book with practice test which you can use the answers and explainations of the test. If you don’t buy a book, it’s OK. Because there are a lot of practice tests online.

After doing the test yourself, you may ask what is the band score for your test? That is a really good question. We will come to the answer with our IELTS Calculator above.

In term of Listening and Reading, you can calculate your own band score. Pretty easily but approximately. In Listening and Reading, both academic and general, there are 40 questions that you have to answer. Let’s say you finish the Listening with 25 correct answers and Reading with 20 correct answers. This 25 correct answers in Listening and 20 in Reading are actually your raw scores. These are the questions you’ve answered correctly.

Listening Raw Score: Your correct answers, eg. 25/40 correspond to an IELTS band score.

Now you are going to ask me “How do I find the IELTS band score?” If you get 25 raw scores in Listening, your band score is 6.0. And if you get 25/40 in Reading test, your band score is 5.5. These are the approximate value only.

In term of Speaking and Writing, things are a little bit different. You can’t really mark yourself in Writing and Speaking. But there are something you should know.

In Writing, you can check your task achievements or task responds. Then you can also check:

  • Grammar
  • Syntax
  • Vocabulary and its variety
  • Organization of the essay as a whole, paragraph and coherence
  • Spelling

Be carefull with your spelling. The examiners will check your spelling and it will be some minuses to your band score.

In Speaking, the examiner will check:

  • Fluency
  • Coherence
  • Accuracy
  • Vocabulary and variety of words

All in all, if you can communicate well and answer all the questions without any problems or misunderstanding, you can also consider your pronunciation. Of course, you are not expected to speak like a native speaker. The examiner will check if you can answer the questions correctly and if you can understand the questions clearly without any problems.

How do I calculate the overall band score?

Your overall band score is the average of the four separate band scores in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Use our IETLS calculator to calculate it correctly for your overall band score.