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Crocodile Tourism 0

IELTS Preparation – Crocodile Tourism

Today we’ll look at some words that cause a lot of confusion – the relative pronouns ‘that’, ‘which’ and ‘who’, and then we’ll do some pronunciation practice. But first, let’s listen to some people...

Yellow-And-Brown-Solar-House 0

IELTS Preparation – Solar House

Today we’re going to look at ways of connecting ideas. There are many ways of doing this using ‘conjunctions’, words that join. First, let’s listen to Paul Gibson, an architect, while he takes us...

under-the-sea-early-years-life-science-education 1

IELTS Preparation – Under the Sea

Hello. Welcome to Study English, IELTS preparation. I’m Margot Politis. We’re going to look at articles today – indefinite articles ‘a’ and ‘an’, and the definite article, ‘the’. But first, let’s meet an oceanographer....