IELTS Score Calculator – Academic and General Training

IELTS Score Calculator

IELTS Score Calculator


IELTS Score Calculator in Reading and Listening

Candidate can study IELTS online or in textbook at home and they can do the sample IELTS test one their own. Use this calculator to covert the number of correct answers into IELTS Band Score for Listening and Reading modules. Remember that the Academic and General Training Tests for Listening and Reading modules are different. The Writing and Speaking modules will be scored by the IELTS examiner.

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Check How the IELTS Band Scores are Calculated.

Use IELTS Overall Band Score Calculator to calculate your overall band score


How the Listening and Reading scores are calculated?

The Listening and Reading tests have 40 questions each. You get the number of correct answers for each test. The correct answers are call raw score. You use the raw score to convert to band score.

For example, you get 30 correct answers in the Listening General Training test. That is 30 raw scores. Now use the IELTS Score Calculator above and you will get band score 7.0. That’s very easy, isn’t it?

You can do the same with the Reading test. But remember that the band scores for Academic and General Training Tests are different. Choose the correct one to get the right band scores.

You cannot have a system to mark your Speaking and Writing online, except you hire someone the mark the test for you. However, you can check the score of the Speaking and Writing yourself by using the recorder to record your speaking. And you can re-check how you answer the questions? How fluent do you speak? How is the pronunciation?

For writing, you can check grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and task achievement. You can compare your writing with some sample writing essays on our website to find out how good you write the essay.